How To Clear Your Skype Message History

How To Clear Your Skype Message History
Skype lets users communicate via text, voice or video. When using text to communicate, Skype stores a copy of each session for a certain period of time. It means every message you send to someone is stored on your computer and can be accessed by anyone until you choose to delete them.

If you use a public computer, it is necessary to delete your Skype message history to prevent privacy intrusion, unless of course your computer is only used by you.  In a few steps, I’ll show you how to delete your Skype message history and set a time for your messages to be deleted.

Here’s how to delete you Skype message history

Step 1 On your main Skype window, Click on Tools from the menu bar and then select OptionsHow To Clear Your Skype Message History

Step 2 Click on IM & SMS on the left hand sidebar. On the new screen that appears, click on Show advanced Options at the right hand sideHow To Clear Your Skype Message History

Step 3 On the “Keep History for” option, click on the Clear history button. Click it. All you saved Skype message history will be deleted.How To Clear Your Skype Message History

On the same screen, you can choose to set the “Keep History for” option to suit your preference.  You can set it to No History which is best if you share you computer and you want to keep your conversations private.

That’s all you need to do to delete your saved Skype message history. Let us know if, or why you chose to save your chat history or not.

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